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([personal profile] amberleewriter Jul. 21st, 2017 05:17 am)
Hub is out of town till later today preparing for a client presentation. For at least two weeks now I have had a little stack of stuff I need to get to UPS/USPS for shipping (to people or back to people) and every day I get so dug into a box or painting or cleaning and forget about the stack until after 7pm. I get hungry - I think "wow, I am hungry what time is it" - I go "shit it is like dinner time!" - I throw some leftovers or a sandwich together and then sit down to eat - I go "fuck I didn't get things shipped again!"

Now I'm up all night tonight painting and unpacking and hoping that if I finally post something I might get damn accountable and get everything out the door by Monday.


Also - now that Photobucket sucks I guess I have to figure out how I'm gonna do the picture thing here. And generally. Like I have time for that right now.

*more sigh*

Yeah. Bed now.

Oh, also, friends you are all awesome and I am crossing my fingers for all happy and good things for all of you! Srsly, I am thinking about you all just not at normal times of day.



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